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Low Self-Esteem Counselling

Low self-esteem

Self esteem relates to how we regard and value ourselves. It is often defined as having a good opinion of oneself. People who have high self-esteem often display the following qualities:

  • Belief in their abilities
  • Positive attitude and outlook
  • Value oneself
  • Like oneself

Low self-esteem will affect most people at some point in their life. Individuals with low self-esteem may feel negative about themselves; often they are unable to recognise their assets and positive qualities. They may feel they do not deserve to be loved or happy.

Signs of low self-esteem:

  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Depression
  • Negative thoughts and outlook
  • Boredom/lack of enthusiasm
  • Feeling a failure

Seeking help

Counselling may help individuals raise their self-esteem by helping the person develop a more positive view of themselves. This may involve looking at those individuals and past events that have contributed to the person’s low self-worth. Therapy can also examine negative thinking and behaviour and assist the person to implement more helpful strategies.

Content written by Karen Dyer MBACP in 2010. The content is for general information only and may or may not relate to your individual situation. Lakeside Counselling Weston Super Mare

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